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Company History
Osve Pharmaceutical Company was established in 1966 under the name" Iran Merck "  as an joint venture between Merck and Iranian investors .The company was put into operation in 1969.
In 1982, after the Iranian Revolution , the company was transferred to The  Iranian Organization of National Industries, and renamed Osve Pharmaceutical Company .
In 2004 , following our quality enhancement policy , the company’s solid and liquid production line were renovated and upgraded.
As part of our expantion policy and in order to meet the needs of domestic markets , Osve started Iran’s first pre-filled syringe production line in 2007, and a especial Oncology site in 2009 .

Osve Pharmaceutical company is the leader in the production of new drugs and high-tech generics. The Osve vision is to produce hard-to-access medications.
Roughly forty years ago, the company started out with products such as vitamins and generic medicines ,and today, using the latest technology and science ,its products include recombinant and anti-cancer medicines. Researchers at Osve Pharmaceutical  Company have manufactured drugs with high therapeutic value, thus obtaining a special position within the Iranian medical society .Nationwide ,the company is renowned as the first and the largest in dietary supplements, providing the widest variety.
Constant improvement is our strategy and having modern and well-equipped production departments, and Q.C. laboratories  with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments besides experienced specialists and well trained staff are our major strong points in achieving our long term corporate objectives. Our dedicated and well educated teams of specialists do their best in improving and optimizing current formulations ,production process and analytical methods ,and develop new ones.
Currently we are exploring opportunities to expand our business abroad. We are aiming to reach an export of 3,000,000 dollars by end of 2014. In fact ,so far we have started cooperating with some of our neighboring countries.
All our efforts at Osve Pharmaceutical Company are aimed at improving and sustaining perfect health.

Our Commitments
Here are our core beliefs and commitments.
We believe that health is the most precious possession of mankind. Therefore we strive to …
1-contribute to perfect health, improve and sustain it .
We believe that as a pharmaceutical company , we have an undeniable strategic role in society. Therefore, we do our best to …
2-produce efficient  , efficacious ,and safe medicines.
We believe human beings are the world’s greatest assest. Therefore, we value…
3-keeping ourselves firmly committed to people and putting nothing before their satisfaction.
We believe compassion and generosity lie at the heart of true humanity. Therefore, we are honored to…
4-take active part in charitable acts such as aid to nursing homes ,orphan children ,and aid relief following natural disasters.
We believe we are responsible for the present generation , as well as the next. Therefore, we strongly feel committed to …
5-identifying and controlling the environmental impacts of our activities as well as products, and improving our environmental performance continuously .
We believe that research is the backbone of high quality production. Therefore , we make every endeavor to …
6-run an active , up-to-date ,  and research-oriented R&D.
We believe our name is our best inspiration ! "Osve" means a model , a shining example. So to honor our commitments …
7-we will progress in our industry and business so that we can always deliver on our promises and live up to our reputation , OSVE !

Production and Manufacturing
Osve Pharmaceutical Company covers an area of about 18,000 m², with a constructed area of 10580 m² allocated to a 300-strong factory. There are two separate solid and liquid production lines.
The solid production line include a tablet production unit manufacturing uncoated , enteric and film-coated , effervescent, dispersible, extended release tablets, sachets and capsules, with a total capacity of 750,000,000 units a year. This production line was renovated in 2006. Moreover, we started our new special site in 2009 for anticancer medicines – the first such operation of its kind in Iran.
The liquid production line is comprised of two ampoule production lines as well as a prefilled syringe (PFS) line which was put into operation in 2007 with a capacity of 6,000,000 PFSs a year. The liquid production line, too, was upgraded in 2004 in keeping with the company’s quality enhancement policy.
Our products are used in different categories such as  cardiovascular, antidiabetics, antihyperlipidemics, gastrointestinal drugs, antineoplastic drugs , lipas inhibitors etc.

Quality Management
Along with major changes to produce diversified products with high quantity, we have also gone to great length to considerably improve the quality. This quality enhancement is based on a quality system developed out of guidelines by WHO.A belief that is central to this system is that the quality of a product should be assured throughout the production process.
Quality assurance supervision begins with the purchase of raw materials all the way to production, quality control and marketing ,and ensures Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP) is being followed .All activities carried out at the company are in accordance with the Standard operation Procedures (SOPs) prepared by the Quality Assurance Department.
In addition to EN ISO 14001 : 2004 and EN ISO 9001 : 2000 obtained from TUV NORD cert GMbH  by our quality management system, our QC laboratories is in process of gaining the ISO 17025 :2005 , thanks to the accuracy of the work done ,expert personnel, modern high-tech instruments, and valid procedures.
Furthermore , our QC laboratories have been accredited by the Iranian Ministry of Health for analysis of raw material and finished products, and have also been selected as the Iranian MOH’s cooperative laboratory for analysis of supplementary products.

Research and Development
Osve R&D department is dedicated to developing innovative medicines with high therapeutic value which address significant medical needs in order to extend and enhance health care in our community as well as worldwide . Osve has created an integrated R&D department which is project driven to generate a consistent flow of new prescription drugs to the market whilst preserving and enhancing its existing products.
A market Research Committee constantly analyzes the market and introduces medicines to be formulated based on our community’s needs and newly-released medicines to be formulated based on our community’s needs and newly-released medicines in accordance with our capabilities .The Osve R&D department also enjoys a close working relationship with universities and research centers .The first outcome of this was the production of"  Osveral® " , the generic form of Deferasirox as well as several other products still in the pipeline. Current focus of Osve R&D is on developing new anticancer medicines.

Marketing and Export
Osve pharmaceutical Company’s Marketing Department began operation in 2005 with the intention of introducing specialized high-tech products to the health and medical community by connecting in an efficient way with healthcare professionals and medical physicians of various target groups and by surveying the customers’ needs and requirements.
The Marketing Department is continuously active in the fields of Oncology , Hematology ,Neurology ,Nephrology, Cardiovascular , General Internal Medicine and Nutrition (Vitamins & Supplements).
The Marketing Department covers a whole range of activities which include participation in domestic and international exhibitions , seminars and conferences as well as organization of continuous daily ,weekly and monthly visits by experienced medical representatives .We also have a strong link with many medical societies in Iran such as the Thalassemia Society ,Multiple Sclerosis  Society, and Oncology society to name but a few .
In response to our customers’ needs and questions , the Marketing  Department utilizes the CRM Department in connecting directly to the consumers on a daily basis.